I’ve Recently Fallen in Love With Tinted Sunscreen, and Here Are 10 of My Favorites

While I’ve been staying home and not seeing anyone outside of my immediate family, my skin-care routine has flourished, but my makeup routine has dwindled. I’m mildly concerned that I’ve forgotten how to apply eyeliner, but that’s a discussion for another day. My daily “makeup routine” has consisted of precisely two products that also double as skin care: tinted lip balm and tinted sunscreen. I’ve become fanatical about applying sunscreen even if I’m on my laptop all day because it can help protect from blue light, and now that it’s summer, sunscreen is essential.

These 10 sunscreens should definitely be on your radar. Some are fully tinted, while others provide a more subtle glow, but they’ll all give your skin a boost while still keeping you protected. It has proven to be the easiest way to literally and figuratively brighten my day, and I think it’ll brighten yours, too.

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