There is truly no hair style that Kristen Stewart can't pull off, not even a rat tail. What's more surprising than the fact that Stewart opted to try out the '80s style, though, may be the fact that she chose to do so at Cannes, one of the most photographed red carpets of the year. Then again, Stewart, a true punk, has never been one to conform to anyone else's standards.

Stewart, who's at Cannes as a member of the film festival jury that selects the best flick of the year, debuted her braided rat tail yesterday. And what does one wear with such a 'do? For Stewart, a Chanel blue tweed suit and backpack. The front of her hair was pinned up in curls, distracting from the rat tail in the back.

Just in case no one saw it, though, Stewart wore it once again when taking the red carpet in a flowing and frilly black gown with her hair similarly styled up.

While just the name rat tail is something to wince at, Stewart's take on it will make you rethink everything you know about look.

It's also an extraordinary follow-up to her bold beauty look last year: a platinum blonde buzzed head, which Zoë Kravitz and Katy Perry also championed in 2017. At this point, radical hair transformations have become Stewart's signature, and for good reason, too: She actively doesn't adhere to the red carpet's obsolete beauty ideals.

“I like doing something cool on the red carpet,” she told Byrdie back in 2014. “So many people go for pretty—and that’s pretty boring.” At the time, she also revealed her style icons: “Take Patti Smith and add in a little Brigitte Bardot to up the sex factor.”

Last year, she went as far as to speak out against Cannes' dated and sexist dress code, telling The Hollywood Reporter, "There's definitely a distinct dress code, right. People get very upset if you don't wear heels, but I feel that you can't ask people that anymore. It's just a given. If you're not asking guys to wear heels and a dress, you can't ask me either." As it turns out, you can't ask her how to wear her hair (or how not to) either.

Kristen Stewart received critical acclaim for her role in "Into The Wild," and stellar marks for her beauty look at the premiere in 2007.

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