Good news, Lush fans! If you’re one of those people who listens to Christmas music in the car during the summer, you’ll be glad to know (albeit three months in advance) that Lush Cosmetics has a holiday collection on the way, and so far it seems festive AF.

You heard that correctly, y’all! On Monday, Lush officially announced their upcoming holiday collection, and in case you couldn’t already guess, the new products will be inspired by all of your favorite holiday scents. Bring on the gingerbread!

So, what exactly can we expect from the new collection? Well, this year, it seems like many of the products will be inspired by food, which is really just another reason we simply won’t be able to resist. There will be Plum Pudding bath melts, a caramel-scented Yog Nog Yule Log, and even a macaron shaped bubble bar, which you truly have to see to believe.

Lush Cosmetics

We know what you’re thinking: where are the bath bombs? Well, have no fear because the 2018 holiday collection will include plenty of ’em. You’ll be able to snag one shaped like a snowman, Santa Claus, and — wait for it — an ice princess! We’re obsessed.

Lush Cosmetics

In addition to the adorable individual products they’ll be releasing for the holiday season, Lush will also be bringing back their beloved holiday gift sets as well, which is great news for anyone who notoriously struggles with finding the perfect gift. They’ll also be unleashing new body creams and lotions to help you achieve your 2019 resolution of regularly moisturizing your skin. You’re welcome!

While it might still be too early for some, we know you’re probably dying to get your hands on these new Lush products ASAP, and luckily, you won’t have to wait long at all! The 2018 holiday collection will be available for purchase online the Lush website on October 5th, and in stores on October 15th! ‘Tis almost the season to be jolly, so why not start now?!

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