The fascination with Korean skincare routines is only getting stronger: basically, we’ll add 100 extra steps into our nightly ritual if it promises softer, smoother, clearer skin. To show us exactly how it’s done, we enlisted the help of Pony, a top makeup artist and celebrity in South Korea with millions of loyal followers.

On her Instagram, where she has nearly five millions followers, Pony shows off her favorite new beauty products mixed in with gorgeous shots from her jet-setting life. On Youtube, Pony mixes traditional beauty tutorials with beauty music videos (yes, you just have to watch it to believe it—below). Pony can sing and do makeup, but most of all, Pony knows how to take amazing care of her flawless skin.

In our latest installment of Go To Bed With Me, we caught up with Pony in Seoul, South Korea, to teach us her nighttime skincare tricks. It starts with a lip and eye makeup remover. From there, she double-cleanses with an oil cleanser followed by a foam and a pore brush.

PONY’S TIP: As the last step in your cleansing routine, fill the sink basin with water the same temperature as your skin, then add a scoop of green tea powder. Splash it on your face, then pat dry with a towel.

With her face still wet from cleansing, Pony uses a face mist to lock in the moisture before moving on to treatments and creams. She then uses a GGulba honey and banana sheet mask, followed by a toner and then finally a face cream. There are two more steps after that—but you’ll have to watch the video until the end to find out what they are.

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