Restock a Beauty Bag With Our Top Makeup Picks For $25 or Less at Sephora

Chances are, at this very moment, there’s something your beauty bag, vanity, or bathroom is missing. Say you’re crazy about lipstick or always eager to try out a new highlighter . . . but what happens when you reach for something else — be it mascara, concealer, or nail polish — and come up empty?

This Sephora list is what happens. Here are makeup picks for less than $25, whether you’re looking to fill that void, or simply try out something new. Maybe this month is when you’re going to finally try your hand at a liquid eyeliner or when you can’t escape your curiosity about lip plumpers any longer, and we’ve got ideas for you.

Everything you see on this list costs $25 or less and can be found at Sephora. So, check out these makeup treats ahead and then go take inventory of your beauty stash to see what’s missing.

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