While her revolutionary makeup line gives ample evidence, global makeup artist Priscilla Ono recently shared an Instagram photo that proves why Rihanna is the ultimate beauty disruptor.

Rihanna, photographed with an electric blue eyeliner wrapped around her upper and lower lash line, dispels the notion that Black women can’t wear blue eye makeup.

The eye-catching shade, which Uno revealed is Sea About It—a long-wear, water-resistant pencil eyeliner from Fenty Beauty—complements deep skin tones and is perfect for elevating your fall attire, as demonstrated by Rihanna.

The fashion icon paired the eyeliner with what appears to be a leather jacket and matching top.

The hyper-pigmented eye pencil retails for $22, and make a pretty compelling argument for why blue eyeliner should be the new black.

Shop the must-have below.

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