Skin Purging Is the “It Gets Worse Before It Gets Better” Period of Starting a New Product

Introducing a new skin-care product into your routine can be a roller coaster. On one hand, you have the potential of discovering a new favorite and unlocking the best skin of your life, and on the other, you have the potential to completely throw your skin out of whack. It truly is a gamble. To make the whole thing even trickier, a “bad reaction” from a new product doesn’t even necessarily mean the product is bad for you — it could just mean your skin is purging.

Chances are you’ve experienced a skin purge before, whether you knew it at the time or not. Skin purging is the unofficial-official term for the reaction you can experience while your skin adapts to a new product. It usually means things are working, but it’s hard to tell for sure given that a purge can look very similar to a breakout.

Ahead, two board-certified dermatologists dive more into what skin purging is, how to tell if it’s actually a negative reaction, and most importantly, how to handle the challenging period.

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