Consider it a bolt of happiness on a grey day – plus all the inspiration you need to take to your next nail appointment. 

Despite the fact that the past few weeks have been filled with gloomy grey days, constant storms and literally no sign of any sunshine, spring is, surprisingly, just around the corner.

Yep, February is almost over and the clocks will go forward in just a few weeks’ time, which officially signals the start of a new season. But if you can’t – or don’t want – to wait that long, the next best thing is to inject some happiness and colour into your life by way of a bright manicure.

That’s where Instagram’s new favourite nail colour really comes into its own: sunshine yellow is maybe not as conventional as some shades, but just looking at it is actually incredibly mood-boosting. Plus, as nail technician Metta Francis explains, it’s a shade that works for everybody and it’s easier to wear than you might think.

“Yellow is such an uplifting colour but a lot of people tend to shy away from it on nails. Choose a bright yellow with warm undertones – like oranges and reds – and it can look amazing on all skin tones,” she says.

Granted, such a bright colour on every single nail might be a bit too much for some people. If that’s the case though, there is a solution. “Opt for a neutral or nude base with hints of colour, like a yellow-tipped French manicure, yellow half-moons or yellow polka dots,” suggests Francis.

The options are seriously endless. Here’s some yellow nail inspiration to take to your next appointments. 

  • The golden stripes

  • The single polka dot

  • The classic manicure

  • The graphic mix’n’match

  • The all-but-two

Main image: courtesy of Metta Francis/Nails by Mets

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