Many of us can’t make it through the day without our daily cup of coffee, whether we make it at home, pour ourselves a cup at work, or rely on our neighborhood Starbucks to supply us. We might think we spend a lot of dough on this luxury, but the truth is, there are some people out there spending more on a single one-pound bag then what we drink in an entire month.

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We have identified the coffee companies that charge their customers a price that is way above average. It will blow your mind when you learn what some people regularly pay for their daily dose of caffeinated joy. Keep reading to learn about the 10 most expensive coffees in the world!

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10 Los Planes Coffee ($40/lb)

Los Planes Coffee comes from El Salvador and has won a second-place award in the 2006 Cup of Excellence. This coffee comes in at a price of $40 per pound, which is much lower than our number one on this list, but it is still a bit pricey for the average household.

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Their coffee has a signature brown sugar taste, as well as hints of caramel and tangerine. It is unique, to say the least, and the only way to know how great it tastes is to open your pocketbook and buy some for yourself.

9 Starbucks Quadriginoctuple Frap ($47.30/cup)

This drink was ordered one day by a man named Beau Chevassus at his local Starbucks. The crazed man asked for forty-eight shots of espresso, protein powder, a few bananas, vanilla bean, soy, and frappuccino chips. His drink filled a fifty-two-ounce mug and his total came to a whopping $47.30.

The man drank it over the course of a few days and as of yet, his astounding record has not been broken. We might never order this undoubtedly expensive drink on our next trip, but it lifts our spirits that we are not the only ones with a Starbucks addiction.

8 Fazenda Santa Ines ($50/lb)

This coffee comes from the Mantiquera Mountains in Brazil and it provides a luxurious taste upon the drinker’s tongue. The owners of this company also breed Girolando cattle and they only employ the best that money can buy.

This company cares about the environment as they promote sustainable practices by using recycled water and utilizing the scraps of their product as a natural fertilizer. You might not be able to see the beauty in this coffee, but knowing the story behind the beans might just have you adding this expensive bag to your online cart.

7 Jamaican Blue Mountain Coffee ($69/lb)

This coffee is grown in the Blue Mountains of Jamaica, and it gives the coffee a blue-green color. The company has been granted permission to sell this coffee in the states and they continue to hand pick the beans to this very day. This coffee helps support local workers and farmers as the owner employs them on his property.

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You may be against paying so much for a single pound of coffee, but the second your first freshly brewed cup hits your tongue, you won’t want to go back to drinking any other variety.

6 Hacienda La Esmeralda ($182/lb)

This coffee comes from Panama and they are focused on creating new subvarieties of high valued coffee beans. They have won several first-place awards throughout the years, including The Best of Panama, Rainforest Alliance Cupping for Quality, and Specialty Coffee Association of America Roasters Guild Cupping Pavillion.

It has gone at auction for as high as $182 per pound, but you can buy a sampling box of three pounds of coffee for $475 if you want to try it for yourself at home.

5 Kopi Luwak ($250/lb)

Kopi Luwak is a smooth and balanced coffee that offers a little less than a pound for $250. This company was formed after the owner came in contact with the chieftain of the B’laan tribe. A relationship was formed with this poor tribe of people and they helped one another as they began to grow and sell this rare coffee.

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The beans are processed by the civet cats that roam the area and help the tribespeople upgrade their standard of living.

4 Saint Helena Coffee ($300/lb)

The best place to drink this coffee is on Saint Helena itself because otherwise, it can be difficult to get your hands on it. This is sold at only one store in the UK at Harrod’s in London for £60.00 per 100 grams, which comes out to about $300 per pound.

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The local restaurants in this area serve the best coffee that money can buy, but they have had issues with growing their treasured beans in the past few years due to their plants not growing at the rates they had expected.

3 Finca El Injerto Coffee ($500/lb)

These coffee grounds come from Guatemala and they produce a wide array of coffee varieties to suit every taste. They only use their own home-grown coffee cherries and never buy from other vendors. This company wants its customers to know it prides itself on the quality of their beans and they can only do this if they keep everything in-house.

This coffee has such a unique and flavorful taste that its customers say is to die for, and it is the reason why it goes for $500 a pound.

2 Black Ivory Coffee ($1,000/lb)

The reason this coffee is so expensive is that it is naturally refined by elephants. Their product never sits in a warehouse and is only sold to select five-star hotel chains.

The distinctive taste is from the roasted cherries, but it also has tones of chocolate and spice. They employ high school children to wash, rake, and sundry the cherries picked for their particular coffee brew, but they also have a commitment to sharing the plight of the welfare of Thai elephants.

1 Ospina Coffee ($1,540/lb)

Ospina Dynasty has a premier coffee line that goes for $770 per half-pound of coffee. These beans are grown at the high altitude of 7,700 feet that give the drinker a rich and aromatic taste. You will find hints of peach and orange, combined with the velvety complexion of berries and chocolate.

It is utterly refreshing which is why their customers come back time and time again. They have more affordable options as well that goes for $100 per pound, but that still seems like a lot to pay for a cup of coffee.

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