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When you were 17, you probably weren’t building a beauty empire. It’s understandable, as chasing that endeavor at a young age comes with hurdles (like, not being legally allowed to sign on the dotted line of deals, not having the funds, or not owning a car to drive to meetings). For these young entrepreneurs, however, the challenges that might come with their age didn’t stop them from building full-blown beauty businesses.

These Gen Z-er’s — which, by the way, means anyone born between 1995 to 2015 — have built their brands from a place of passion. On this list, you’ll find a reality star who created lip kits that now sell out in record speeds, a makeup mastermind who strives to empower people’s form of self-expression, and a college student who didn’t let physical hurdles slow him down from achieving his goal.

They’ve paved the way for more people to strive to succeed in the industry at any age. Check out the Gen Z brand founders that are taking the beauty industry by storm.

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