The New Rodan + Fields Brow Defining Boost Is My New One-and-Done Brow Product

I’ve said countless times that now is the perfect time to grow out your eyebrows, but it’s true. While you’re taking a hiatus from your regular waxing and shaping appointments, why not boycott tweezing altogether? During the last few months, I’ve traded my tweezers and eyebrow scissors for products to help my brows grow and tame them in the process. Enter: the brand-new Rodan + Fields Brow Defining Boost. It’s a pigmented brow gel, it’s a growth serum — it’s both!

The Rodan + Fields Brow Defining Boost is the ultimate makeup-meets-hair-growth product. It offers both instant results (that’s the color and hold) and long-term benefits (that’s the growth factor). As someone with naturally fuller brows, I really wanted the Brow Defining Boost to help foster hair growth in the tail of my brows, as well as fill them in and hold them in place when I brush them up. It comes in four shades — light, medium, dark, and black — and the dark brown suites me perfectly.

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