The Pearly White Nail Polish Trend Every Celebrity Is Wearing Right Now

When we saw Jennifer Lopez’s pearly white nail polish (and her massive engagement ring) back in September on the cover of Variety, we knew we needed to try on at least one of the things she was wearing. The stunning shade is surprisingly bright for Fall, but according to experts will continue to gain popularity as a major nail trend.

“If we say pure white is good for summertime, then pearly white is ideal [for the] seasonal shift,” manicurist Jin Soon Choi previously told POPSUGAR. “The pearl element adds an elegant dimension that is ideal for ushering in the new season when more variation on your nails is needed.”

Lopez isn’t the first celebrity to wear this trend, either. Last month, Rihanna tried out the hue with a shimmery finish that was ideal for the holiday season, and more recently Cardi B has worn a warm-toned version of the trend.

Want to get the look at home? Korea-based nail artist Eunkyung Park previously told POPSUGAR how to get the look. She suggested creating the finish on the nails with “a non-wipe top gel” and to “rub some metallic powder on top of it.”

Ahead, check out the new popular shade on celebrities, as well as some of our favorite inspiration photos from Instagram. They’re sure to persuade you to give the pearly white nail polish trend a try.

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