These Hand and Cuticle Products Will Keep Your Manicure Looking Flawless This Winter

One of the biggest beauty challenges when the weather cools down is keeping your manicure looking great even when the skin on your hands starts to flake, your nails and cuticles are dry, and any exposure to the outside air feels like needles piercing your skin. Even the best manicurist won’t be able to help you if your cuticles continue to dry out and your nails peel and break after a salon visit.

Luckily, keeping the skin on your hands hydrated will ensure your manicure stays looking good and help your nails to stay strong. With the right combination of creams, oils, and masks, the harsh Winter air is no match for your manicure. Ahead, check out products to stock up on to save your nails, and make sure not to forget your mittens!

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