Lana Condor, star of the Netflix rom-com classic To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before and #AerieREAL role model, eats a lot. “Just in general, huge amounts of food,” she says in our latest episode of Food Diaries. “I have always been this way ever since I was little. And I am also not the type of person that can eat the same thing every day. I crave and thrive off of variation.”

Consequently, Condor’s Food Diaries breakdown includes just her “baseline structure” of daily eats. Read on to see what’s on her plate.

Condor reveals that she recently made the switch from morning coffee to tea (specifically, green tea with antioxidants). “I used to be a huge, huge coffee drinker,” she says. “And I am a coffee drinker while I’m working, but if I’m not working, tea is the way to go. I cannot do anything—I cannot function properly. I literally can’t even speak unless I have my morning tea.”

After walking her dog, Condor returns home for breakfast, or as she says, “Breakfast time is my favorite time. … Lunchtime is also my favorite time, and dinnertime’s my favorite time.”

However, breakfast is particularly special, because, as Condor says, she goes to bed the night before already thinking about what she’ll eat in the morning. Some of her go-to breakfast meals include scrambled eggs mixed with tomato sauce and MorningStar breakfast veggie links.

Watch the full episode above to see what else she eats throughout the day.

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