aquiline/hooked noses are beautiful & apart of so many nations & cultures around the world and it would be an injustice if i hated mine like i use 2?

Beauty trends and challenges come and go quicker than product launches (which is saying something), and typically they’re pretty, well, bizarre. Sometimes, they can even throw factually incorrect and/or potentially hazardous beauty information out there (we all remember the purple shampoo challenge). But the latest social media beauty challenge is nothing short of inspiring. TikTok users are posting the facial feature they’re most insecure about and sharing art and historical images of people who share similar features and have been celebrated as a traditional beauty of their time.

First spotted by Dazed, the challenge has caught on quick. Users are sharing insecurities such as the bridge of their nose, teeth gaps, or red hair color, followed by paintings, ancestors, and historical figures with the same features. All videos are tied together using the same classical music crediting jake25.17, making for a powerful sequence.

Changing the conversation around beauty insecurities by celebrating them as something wonderful and special is something we are always here for. In all of the impressive TikTok fads and crazes, this challenges is definitely one of the best.

Read on to see some of the best videos from the TikTok challenge.

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