Country singer and actor Tim McGraw, 52, doesn’t let a cross-country tours get in the way of his workouts. In a recent Instagram post, he shared a clip talking about the importance of exercise while on tour. He’s currently on his “Here on Earth” Tour with Midland and Ingrid Andress.

“Working out on the road….ya better believe it! 💪🏼 #HereOnEarth,” he captioned his post.

In the video, McGraw talks about the importance of keeping a consistent routine while touring around the country with clips showing him and his band and openers working out. McGraw is seen in a shirtless montage using battle ropes, kettlebells, a TRX, and gets on the floor for some plank rotations. McGraw previously shared with with Men’s Health that creates his own workouts and partnered with exercise chain Snap Fitness to design TRUMAV, which is filled with his favorite gear all seen in the video (kettlebells, TRX straps, and battle ropes).

“Yeah we’re gonna still workout. That’s just a part of our whole routine. It’s not just the working out…yeah, we like to work out and it’s fun for us and it’s healthy and it makes our show better. Everybody feels like we perform better and play better,” he says.

But one of the biggest benefits of working out while on the road is how close it brings him to the band.

“More than anything it’s a real camaraderie between us. We really build a team spirit when we’re doing it. We get a lot of talking done when we’re working out, a lot of talking about the show, things we did wrong the night before, things we might want to try the next night. Maybe some lighting ideas or some segue ideas or positioning ideas. Just different stuff that really helps us talk out the show,” he says.

Most importantly, McGraw says the training sessions help to keep everyone sane.

“Then we work out some of our anxieties as well. When they’re mad at me, I can tell,” he grins.

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