For those of you who constantly find yourselves waiting around for the next wacky eyebrow trend, we’re happy to announce that it’s here and it’s beachy AF. The new trend involves transforming your eyebrows into the wave emoji, because LBR, haven’t you been dying to do that since, well, NEVER?!

This new brow trend is brought to you by Dutch makeup artist Rebekka Theenaart, and as crazy as it is, it actually does look a lot like the wave emoji. See?

After sectioning off her eyebrows into sections, Rebekka used only two products to make this look come to life. That’s right! All it took was soap and liquid lipstick and voilà — wave emoji brows!

While brow trends tend to be VERY extra, we have to admit that this one is cool because it came to be completely by accident! Rebekka told Allure, “I was combing through my brows and trying different shapes with them when a couple of hairs kind of curled in the shape of a wave. I decided to go along with it.”

If you’re tired of all of these crazy brow trends, though, Rebecca offers a new perspective. She told the mag, “I love crazy brow trends. They’re a fun way of experimenting with a part of the face that usually doesn’t offer a lot of room for creativity.” So, we guess we can expect some more crazy brows from her in the future!

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