We’ve Tried Dozens of Dry Shampoos, and These Are the Best Ones Under $25

Picking a dry shampoo is rarely easy . . . especially if your hair is brown (or darker). After all, many labels promise no white residue, but isn’t it better to have real people try it out and verify for you?

We definitely agree, and our editors have tested tons of dry shampoos on a range of hair colors, and we’re willing to sign our names by these nine in particular. Yes, there are some we’ve only tested on lighter hair, but you can read our reviews to see firsthand how they work, no matter the shade. Of course, since we’re not made of money, every single one of these is less than $25, too.

Settle in and see the dry shampoos from Sephora we’d recommend — because your shower can wait till tomorrow, right?

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