At a natural 30E cup size, Leia Parker has always had big a large chest.

But after thousands of pounds spent on plastic surgery to enhance the size of her bosom, the 25-year-old glamour model claims to have the ‘biggest breasts in Britain’.

Now a 32NN, Leia’s huge breasts are so large that she is unable to drive a car, run and is forced to sleep with a pregnancy pillow as it’s the only way she can get comfortable in bed.

The glamour model has had five operations in total, which she said has helped her modelling career – as she earns up to £10,000 per month, which coincidentally, is the same amount she paid to have her boobs done.

‘I’ve had five boob jobs,’ said Leia from Twickenham.

‘I paid for two myself, which cost a total of £10,000, and the others were paid for by other people.

 ‘I had three in the UK, which took me to a 32K, but after that, surgeons here said they couldn’t take me any bigger, so I had to go abroad instead.

‘Now I’m a 32NN, which I think are some of the biggest boobs in Britain. I have had to learn to adjust to having them.

 ‘For example, I go to the gym a lot but I can’t run with them as it hurts my back and shoulders, and I can’t drive either as it’s too painful for my arms to stretch around them to reach the steering wheel.

‘I even sleep with a special pregnancy pillow – it’s the only way I can get comfy.’

The glamour model also has to order expensive custom-made bras from the US.

Leia struggled with her confidence as a teenager.

At 14, she suffered from bulimia, an eating disorder, and felt very self-conscious about the size of her breasts.

She said: ‘I didn’t really like myself. I always felt I wanted to be slimmer.’

Years later, Leia had her first surgery, aged 19, which cost £2,500.

At the time, she had just started out as a model and realised that having a larger chest could earn her the big bucks, so a year later went under the knife again.

She booked regular work, including as a ring girl at boxing matches.

Leia said: Some of the outfits I wore meant that my figure was on show a lot.

‘I was also surrounded by lots of other girls working in the industry who’d had cosmetic surgery, like boob jobs.

‘I eventually decided I was going to get one too, to boost my confidence.’

Her mum, Sandra Parker, 48, wasn’t too keen on the surgery, as her daughter was so young.

Leia said: ‘She was worried and kept asking me why I wanted to do it when I had quite a big chest naturally anyway,.

‘But she soon realised that it made me happy.

‘I had never planned to keep going and get huge boobs.

‘Before my second operation, I was a bit worried I would pigeonhole myself career-wise and put off brands that I’d worked with before because I didn’t look like the “right type” of girl anymore.

‘But actually, my surgery opened up doors elsewhere and I got more and more glamour work.’

Some of the additional boob jobs were paid for by Leia’s friend and an ex boyfriend.

When she reached a 32K cup size and approached surgeons in Britain to enlarge them further, they refused – so the glamour model flew abroad to get them done.

She said: ‘Big boobs became my thing, and the men in the industry I work in liked my look.

‘I figured the bigger I went, the more work I could get. I thought it would be good for my career if I could say that I had some of the biggest boobs in Britain.

‘It was more expensive as I had to have custom-made implants, given that they were so big.’

Leia has no more plans on further surgery and is very happy with her 32NN cup size – but she faces criticism from others on a daily basis.

She said: ‘I understand that I chose to look like this, and that it makes me money, so I try not to get too cross, but people do say some horrible things.

‘When it’s just men thinking they’re funny, I ignore it, but I find it very hurtful when the negativity comes from other women.

‘I’ve had a woman I’ve never met before come up to me in a bar and tell me that I’m a disgrace, and the reason that men attack women.

‘Obviously that’s not true – women should be able to look however and wear whatever they like.

‘I’ve also been told that my mum should be ashamed of me. I don’t want her to hear the nastiness as she gets upset, so it’s tough when people do it in front of her.

‘I’m not hurting anybody so I don’t understand the need to be so nasty.

‘On the other side of the coin, though, some people are really lovely and friendly, and love to take pictures with me.’

The model enjoys a glamorous life, with jobs across the globe including destinations like Las Vegas, but Leia doesn’t plan to be a model forever – and is considering a breast reduction in the future.

 ‘I know modelling has a shelf life,’ she added.

‘When I do decide to stop, I think I’ll get my boobs reduced.

‘I want kids one day, and don’t want to attract negative attention in the playground.

‘I’m not sure what I’ll do next, but I’m saving up as much as possible so that I can look after myself.’

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