Sailor Moon x Colourpop Full Collection

Prepare to fight evil by the moonlight and look cute as hell by the daylight with ColourPop’s glittery Sailor Moon-inspired makeup collection. The nostalgic ’90s-esque makeup line — originally released back in February — is back in stock as of 10 a.m. PT on July 30, and it features a lenticular printed palette meant to pop right off of the box like an IRL GIF. So, yes, it’s giving us full-on heart eyes à la Princess Serenity herself.

The Pretty Guardian Eye Shadow Palette ($20) includes an assortment of matte and metallic colors with whimsical names that call back to the show, like Twilight Flash, Tuxedo Rose, Silver Millennium, Miracle Romance, and more. In addition to the colorful palette, the Sailor Moon line includes Pressed Powder Blushes in Pearlescent Rosey Pink and Matte Vibrant Pink for $12 each, and Moon Prism Glitterally Obsessed Glitter Gels in Soft Pink and Soft Lilac infused with glittery moons and stars for $9 each. The collection also features a Moonlight Liquid Lip Duo ($15) and a Daylight Liquid Lip Duo ($15), each with one ultraglossy and one ultrablotted liquid lip.

With so many options, it’s no wonder that Sailor Moon always looked so glamorous as she took down Tuxedo Mask. Shop each shimmery new product ahead, and snag the full collection for yourself for $89 once it’s available.

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