Yes, You Need These 'Harry Potter'-Inspired Candles Immediately

Then there’s the red and gold Gryffindor-looking candle with a creature that is technically a bear, but looks an awful lot like a lion on the front of the label. The Exquisite Almond Candle smells warm like the familiar common room with notes of almond and tonka bean. Plus, it’s said to “ward off the greedy hour,” which, TBH, sounds like something a Gryffindor would do.

The Amber Balm blue and bronze looks just like—you guessed it—Ravenclaw. Although, instead of having a majestic raven on the label, it has a magical mermaid, which is just as cool. This one smells fresh and warm, with a mix of vanilla and lavender.

As The Cut pointed out, erasure of the friendliest and loyal house is passé, but the fourth candle in Diptyque’s holiday doesn’t have such an obvious connection. Instead of being yellow and black like the house’s robes, the updated Baies Carousel candle is golden and has medallions that look like Helga Hufflepuff’s cup that Voldemort turned into a Horcrux.

Unlike the other candles, the Baies scent is a Diptyque classic that has notes of roses and blackcurrant leaves. And if you need any more proof this candle is magical, when you light the wick, the heat makes the carousel and hanging medallions rotate.

Even if they’re not official Harry Potter candles, they should definitely be on everyone’s radar for the holidays. Accio me my phone so I can text these links to my entire contact list!

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