8 Fun Facts About Monsta X That Only Monbebe Know

While many K-pop groups are known to be enigmatic and keep their true selves shelved far from the media spotlight, the Monsta X guys have never been afraid to show the world exactly who they are. Their larger-than-life personalities are one of the biggest reasons fans love them, and in interviews, concerts, and fan meet and greets, they’ve continued to be extraordinarily charismatic each time. It’s no wonder that Monbebe — the Monsta X fanbase — are so dedicated. And, while you might think you know everything about the quintet, as the band becomes a household name, they have kept some things on the down-low. We’ve put together nine fast facts about Monsta X you probably weren’t aware of, but will be surely impress your fellow Monbebe now that you’re in the know.

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