Aaron Carter’s House Sold for $749K, Six Months After His Death

The California house, where the ‘Crazy Little Party Girl’ singer was found dead in November 2022, has been purchased for $749,000 by a married couple, half a year after his passing.

AceShowbiz -The house where Aaron Carter passed away has fetched for $749,000. The “Crazy Little Party Girl” hitmaker’s lifeless body was found inside the seven-bedroom, four-bathroom home in Lancaster California, on November 5, 2022, and now seven months on from his tragic passing at the age of 34, the property has been sold “as is” to a married couple.

The buyers were living in Huntington Beach, California, and made an “all cash” offer before paying a $22,050 deposit, according to The Blast. Featuring a large swimming pool and hot tub outside, the 4, 131sq ft house was initially listed for sale by Aaron himself in September 2022 for $829, 900.

He previously wrote on Instagram a week before his death, “Real estate has been super good to me. Ready for a new chapter in my 3rd home which I plan on staying to make a beautiful life for my family. This year has been super tough but I’ve learned so much.”

An autopsy previously found Aaron drowned in the bath after taking anti-anxiety drug Xanax and inhaling difluoroethane, which is used in cans of compressed air, but his fiancee Melanie Martin – the mother of his 18-month-old son Prince – previously insisted she “doesn’t buy” the findings.

She told The US Sun, “I am not getting the closure I need because I don’t buy it. He was found with clothing on the coroner told me, how would he have drowned with clothing on. I still have a lot more questions I would like answered regarding the police investigation.”

Melanie thanked fans for supporting her since the tragic death of the pop star and expressed her hope people will “start to focus on all the good her late partner put into this world” because he “was so much more than his issues.”

She added, “I am having to come to terms with the fact that Prince and I, along with Aaron’s family and friends, may never have all the answers. I am thankful to all who have been so supportive of Prince and I throughout this, from the certain family members who were still in Aaron’s life til the end, to Aaron’s true friends, to his many devoted fans.”

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