James Jordan, 42, responded to a tweet from Shane Richie’s son with Coleen Nolan, Shane Jr that claimed AJ Pritchard, 26, “does not like” his dad. The father-of-one defended AJ as he said that “most dancers don’t like or get banter” after other viewers picked up on the ballroom pro’s “evils” toward the EastEnders actor.

Shane Jr typed on Twitter: “Oooooh AJ does not like my old man. Absolutely hilarious. #imacelebrity.”

James responded: “AJ is a lovely guy, however from over 30 years experience most dancers don’t get or like banter “

However, the veteran dancer insisted that he is a fan of both AJ and Shane in the camp.

“I like them both and love their dynamic on the show,” he added.

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Fans who had tuned in tonight remarked on the seeming awkwardness between the pair, after AJ appeared to shoot his campmate daggers.

The 26-year-old appeared unimpressed as Shane threw down his bowl and cutlery after eating.

The EastEnders actor then proceeded to ask “Right, who’s doing the washing up?” as he rejoiced being off duty.

However, AJ had only recently been tasked with doing the washing up with Jessica Plummer, and did not appear to like Shane’s comment.

He then proceeded to tell Shane where to put his food, as the dancer said: “You can put it by the bucket.”

The Eastenders star appeared to not hear him, as he said again: “Who is doing the washing up?”

AJ responded: “Myself and Jess”

Shane then walked over to the bucket, threw his bowl and cutlery on the floor and put his hand on AJ’s shoulder as he walked back- and the professional dancer did not look happy at all.

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“OMG the tension between AJ and Shane,” one person tweeted.

“Ooo these evils AJ keeps giving Shane,” a second wrote.

While a third typed: “Yes AJ! The shade he is throwing on Shane is giving me life.”

A fourth viewer joked: “Who else is waiting for AJ to drop kick Shane in the nuts?”

It comes a yesterday Shane Jr posted on Twitter after AJ complained that the Alfie Moon actor was not pulling his weight when it comes to chores.

A fed-up AJ was seen painstakingly scrubbing all 12 mess tins while Shane went off to do his Bushtucker Trial, despite not being allocated the job of cleaning the pots and pans.

Speaking of his dad, Shane Jr said: “He’s not going to be everyone’s cup of tea I get that. And normally I don’t bite to that.

“But when it’s unjust and you see people slate your dad for something he hasn’t really done wrong.”

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