The losses just keep coming for Amber Heard.

Amanda de Cadenet (above, right), a prominent women’s rights activist and (former?) close friend of the Aquaman actress, has rescinded her support for Amber after listening to the star “verbally abusing” ex Johnny Depp in the explosive audio tapes that were published back in March.

According to, Heard was counting on de Cadenet to testify against Depp in the ongoing defamation cases. But the 48-year-old TV host just revealed in a new legal declaration that she’s no longer willing to go to bat for Heard because she was “appalled and shocked to hear how Amber was speaking to Johnny.”

As you may know, Amanda’s referring to a string of audio tapes in which the then-couple were discussing their marriage problems. The All The Boys Love Mandy Lane star also admitted to “clocking” the Oscar nominee in the jaw and throwing pots, pans, and vases at him before their May 2016 split. 

In one damning recording, Heard was heard taunting the 57-year-old actor, telling him that no one would believe his stories of violence, saying:

“You are such a baby. Grow the f**k up Johnny.”

Like the many others who felt these tapes flipped the script on Heard’s abuse allegations against Depp — or at least muddled them — de Cadenet felt she was “used and misled” by Amber, according to a source. 

The insider told the outlet: 

“Amanda feels she was used and misled by Amber and hopes Amber receives the help she needs. Amanda believes in the power of redemption and reconciliation and hopes both parties are able to achieve that.”

As a survivor herself, de Cadenet explained in the declaration that her fundamental position is to “believe” women who speak up about domestic or sexual assault, adding (using an alternative spelling for “women”):

“Historically womxn’s rights in this area have been chronically undermined and womxn have had their voices silenced. This is one of the reasons why, when Amber told me her version of the conflict between her and Johnny, it was my inclination to believe her and support her.”

She continued: 

“When the first audio tape was released, and I heard Amber being verbally abusive to Johnny, I was horrified. I texted Robbie Kaplan, Amber’s attorney, and let her know I needed to speak with her urgently. When we spoke, I told her I was appalled and shocked to hear how Amber was speaking to Johnny and that it was not ok with me.”

So what did Amber have to say about it? 

Amanda claimed:

“When I confronted Amber concerning the recording, she informed me it was edited by Johnny’s team. I had hoped Amber would take accountability for her behavior but she did not. I have not spoken with Amber since this exchange and have come to the very painful realization that someone who I advocated for and believed so wholeheartedly, was not entirely forthcoming with me… I want to emphasize that I have no further personal knowledge of what happened between Johnny and Amber, and no knowledge of the truth of her accusations against him.”


De Cadenet isn’t the only loss for Heard in recent weeks. Earlier this month, prominent Time’s Up attorney Roberta Kaplan confirmed her firm is no longer representing the star.

What do U think this means for the case, Perezcious readers?

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