On Saturday, August 19, Ashley Martson announced that she and Jay Smith are done.


In a lengthy post, she cited the surprising (genuinely) reason that they are ending their relationship for good.

Initially, she purged her social media.

Clearly, she has reconsidered, and has now posted a lengthy post — addressing her fans, those who have shown her emotional support, and even her haters.

This is a very unusual message coming from Ashley, with a very different tone than what we are accustomed to seeing from her.

She is clearly hurting a lot.

Check out her message below:

1.Oh, Ashley

2.It's over …

3.At first …

4.Here is what she has to say

5.What does she need?

6.Why not?

7.She feels lost

8.Directionless …

9.The future is shrouded

10.She has one goal

11.That would be something

12.She appreciates the support

13.As for the haters …

14.Wow …

15.She concludes with a quote

16.Read it for yourself!

17.Three years …

18.Did he cheat? Emphatically yes.

19.And those are just the ones that we know about

20.So no, Jay didn't cheat this time

21.Now, Ashley has to pick up the pieces

22.Now, she's moving forward

23.It's the end of an era

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