Barney is back with a brand new look, but not everyone is feeling the digital makeover … dragging the reboot character all across the internet.

Mattel Television made the major announcement Monday, revealing the throwback show “Barney & Friends” is making a comeback. The company also showed off a brand new Barney for the reimagined franchise.

However, the ‘new and improved’ Barney — set to officially debut in 2024 — clearly isn’t sitting well with the majority of folks on social media.

One user wrote, “THAT AIN’T BARNEY BRUH THEY DID MY MANS DIRTY”.” … another said, “Why does Barney look like he’s sky high cracked on cocaine? That face is unsettling as hell.”

Demi Lovato got her start on Barney in the early 2000s — and her mom, Dianna De La Garza, also had something to say about the new look, “Aww man… I hate change😂”.

“Barney & Friends” debuted in 1992 and aired all the way until November 2010.

Now, Mattel says the Barney reboot will be expanding to film, YouTube and music … in addition to the TV series and a wide range of kids’ products, which includes toys, books and clothing.

So while Barney may sing “I love you, you love me” … the internet doesn’t seem to feel the same.

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