Becky G has been using her platform to mobilize young voters, and on Oct. 28, the 23-year-old pop star sat down with Governor Gavin Newsom for a special YouTube discussion about the importance of making your voice heard in this year’s presidential election. Becky kicked off the conversation with some fun icebreakers, which included Gavin answering questions about his guilty pleasure breakfast, what he’s been binge-watching recently, and his all-time favorite movie, before stressing how important it is for everyone, especially young people, to vote in this year’s election.

“This election feels a lot different than previous ones and I don’t think I need to emphasize on that anymore at this point, but it’s a conversation that to me, truthfully, is a lot bigger than politics, it’s so much more than that,” Becky stated. “It’s about our future, it’s about human rights, it’s about accountability and thinking more we than me, unity, empathy, humanity.” Gavin expressed similar sentiments, adding, “Voting is emotional because it’s intense. But man, we take it for granted, and I hope now people’s eyes are opening that we shouldn’t.”

The two then reflected on the first time they voted and discussed how COVID-19 has affected communities, particularly the Latinx community. “No other state is doing more than we’re doing to support our diverse communities. Period, full stop. That’s an objective fact,” Gavin said. “What’s also an objective fact is that we aren’t nearly doing enough . . . all of the disparities that pre-existed this pandemic have just been exposed during this pandemic.”

Becky concluded their conversation with an important message: “If there’s one thing that I do know, it’s that we’re all human and we all can learn something from these times we are facing as a society above just COVID-19. COVID-19 really, the way I look at it is, it just really showed us what’s under the hood of what we’ve really been dealing with here in America and what many have been living. I think the most important thing we can do is our best and hold ourselves, as well as one another, accountable in doing our best.” Watch Becky and Gavin’s full interview above now.

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