Prior to this, Sean is confronted about the rumors by TDE executive Punch, who sit next to him on a flight to North Carolina for J. Cole’s Dreamville Festival in April 2019.

AceShowbiz -Fans might remember the reports stating that Big Sean and Kendrick Lamar are beefing with the former allegedly dissing Kendrick on “No More Interviews” in 2016. Now, Sean addressed the matter while stopping by Joe Budden‘s “Pull Up” series, clarifying that he wasn’t throwing shades at Kendrick.

“I remember going online and seeing, ‘Oh, is he talking about Kendrick?’ ” Sean talked, referring to the “No More Interviews” lyrics. ” ‘Cause I was talking about people who rap fast. I wasn’t beefing with nobody. I was literally addressing a whole f***ing–I’m just rapping, n***a.”

“It wasn’t like a specific person or else I would’ve said his name,” he continued. “So I see and I’m like, ‘That’s some bulls**t.’ So I didn’t give no energy to it.”

The rapper then shared that things changed when the Compton rapper released “The Heart Part 4” back in 2017. “Time goes on,” Sean continues, “and then Kendrick, he dropped a freestyle and I don’t know what he said that made people like, ‘Oh, it’s about Sean.’ So I hear the s**t, I’m like, ‘What part they talking about?’ “

Sean later contacted Anthony “Top Dawg” Tiffith, CEO of Top Dawg Entertainment where Kendrick is signed, as he wanted to sort things out. “I immediately hit up Top cause I got a relationship with Top. And they like, ‘No, it ain’t about you at all. That was just addressing to everyone. That was just to whoever. But don’t listen to the Internet, they just gonna throw 200 on it,’ ” Top said to Sean. “I’m like, ‘Alright, fo sho.’ Imagine I have that conversation, I’m like, ‘Alright I ain’t even gotta reach out to Kendrick.’ “

Despite everything, Sean didn’t regret that he never addressed the alleged diss. “It got to a point where somehow, it was just a weird tension between me and him even though it was already said it was no beef because people made it that way,” he shared to Joe. “Fast forward, I let the s**t go. He let the s**t go. He never talked about it. I never talked about it and I should’ve said something. I should’ve just came out and been like, ‘Nah, that ain’t it.’ “

Prior to this, Sean was confronted about the rumors by TDE executive Punch, who sit next to him on a flight to North Carolina for J. Cole‘s Dreamville Festival in April 2019. “He’s like, ‘You ever hollered at Kendrick?’ And then as soon as he said that…it was like, ‘‘Ohhh,’ ” Sean said. “I damn near put it on the back burner in my brain. I’m like, ‘Damn. No, I never did.’ And he was like, ‘Man, you should’ve definitely hollered at him.’ “

Sean then revealed that he got Kendrick’s number, adding that they communicated. “The respect is mutual. It was literally nothing,” he added.

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