Britney Spears is sheltering in place like so many others and likely still recovering from a broken foot, but she still has time to brighten your day.

She’s sharing snaps of herself in a gorgeous top, plus sharing memes — of herself — about how to remain safe during the pandemic.

Britney Spears is beloved for good reason, folks.

Taking to Instagram, she shared a number of glimpses of herself in this very distinctive crop top.

“My outfit … is inspired by early Victorian style in the 1890s,” Britney captioned one post.

She explained that “huge sleeves were a prudent fashion statement.”

“I ordered this top,” Britney shared with her fans and followers, “because it made me feel like a child in a costume !!!!”

“I KNOW I KNOW …. grow up right .…” she continued.

We would never say anything of the sort to her.

“But if I did that,” Britney reasoned, “how would I have fun and laugh like most?!!!”

In one of the photos, she appears to be wearing a sharply white flower.

“I like the white flower in my garden better than the pink one,” Britney opined.

In each pic, she looks drop-dead gorgeous.

That is no surprise, coming from one of the most famously beautiful women on the planet.

“Red is the highest arc of the rainbow!!!” she cpationed this striking photo of her with hunky boyfriend Sam Asghari.

“Red encourages action and confidence …. red is all heart …. the longest wavelength of light is red,” she observed.

Britney wrote: “Red is also courage, attention, and passion.”

She then correctly acknowledged that “the color red naturally draws attention.”

Fans bombarded the beloved pop icon with heart emojis, correctly calling her “gorgeous.”

“That top is so cute. I like the Victorian style,” one commenter praised.

The comment continued: “You’re right its always good to be young at heart and keep the child in you alive! Keep doing you, Britney!”

“I love you,” gushed another, “thank you for making quarantine better!”

Britney is not merely making sheltering in place during this pandemic more bearable by providing the odd distraction or two.

She has been actively encouraging her fans to keep themselves and others safe by following medical guidelines.

That means staying home unless for an essential activity or for safe, responsible exercise alone or with housemates.

She even shared the “Hit Me Baby One More Time” meme about how “loneliness” is actually saving people and their loved ones.

Britney has little to no control over her finances, but she was even able to put her wallet where her mouth is.

Going above and beyond, she took to social media during March and asked fans how she could help them.

She purchased groceries, household items, and paid rent for desperate fans who were suddenly out of work and in need.

No one person — no, not even Jeff Bezos — could help every single person who needs it. But Britney was not afraid to try to do her part.

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