Cardi B has hit back at a woman who filed a lawsuit against her in Los Angeles County Superior Court for allegedly assaulting, striking and spitting on the female security guard.

The guard, named Emani Ellis, claims that Cardi hit her on the face and body, spit on her, and used racial slurs against the African American woman in an incident that took place in Beverly Hills on February 24, 2018.

Cardi B responded to a Pop Buzz report on the lawsuit, denying the claims made in it.

“Why don’t you guys post the part where the doctor office said that that’s not what happen?” the “Bodak Yellow” singer wrote on Twitter.

“And if I assaulted why she didn’t press charges? Why would I put my hands on some1 twice my size by myself while I’m experiencing sharp pain 4 months pregnant,” she asks.

“Then she suing me claiming I used racial slurs because people been trying to push that narrative on me for the past 2 years …mind you this is the girl who suing me ..[Lighter than] me & look Latin American ..Give me a f—in break,” the rapper tweeted.

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