When fans first learned that Chelsea Houska would be leaving Teen Mom 2, they were understandably distraught.

After all, there are many good reasons that Chelsea is the most popular of all the Teen Moms.

Whereas other stars of the franchise might serve as walking cautionary tales, Chelsea is living proof that happy endings are possible, even in the most dire of circumstances.

When her story began, Chelsea’s future seemed very dark indeed, particularly as the father of his first child was the nefarious Adam Lind, one of the worst baby daddies in the history of the Teen Mom franchise.

(And that’s really saying something.)

But with the help of a supportive family and limitless faith in her own abilities, Chelsea was able to overcome her situation and find her “happily ever after” with husband Cole DeBoer.

It’s no surprise that TM2 fans are upset at the prospect of no longer being able to follow along with Chelsea’s story.

But they should take heart in the fact that Chelsea seems to have every intention of continuing her saga on Instagram.

In fact, Chelsea has been posting more than ever in the weeks since she made her announcement.

As her fans would no doubt hope and expect, most of Chelsea’s posts have had to do with her quiet home life and her forthcoming bundle of joy.

Yes, Chelsea is pregnant with her fourth child these days, and she’s been keeping her followers updated on the status of her growing baby bump.

Many fans have expressed appreciation for the updates, and a few have even expressed their surprise.

After all, Chelsea documented her previous pregnancies on social media but never with such frequency and in such great detail.

Her latest offering is a short video clip in which she lifts her shirt to share her bare bump with the world.

Chelsea — her elation at the thought of welcoming another daughter apparent in her facial expression — captioned the clip with the words “baby girl.”

It’s a tender moment between mother and unborn daughter that Houska clearly enjoyed sharing with fans.

Would she post something so intimate if she were still being encouraged by producers to save her most private moments for the show?

We may never know for sure, but it seems clear that Chelsea is sending a message to her fans that her connection to them will remain strong even after her final episode airs.

It remains unclear if Chelsea will star in a Teen Mom spinoff, as has been rumored on social media.

But whatever the case, it seems her adoring public will not be banished from the Houska-DeBoer household.

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