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Chris Evans, 54, has been married to wife Natasha Shishmanian, 39, for 13-years and just like any married couple they are bound to have their disagreements from time to time. Over the weekend, the former BBC radio host revealed that they had a “turbulent” row, but they’re better for it.

There were a few different perspectives going on and in the end we discovered there was an impasse and something hadn’t been sorted

Chris Evans

Speaking to his co-stars, Chris didn’t go into too much detail about what he called the “family discord”, but noted there were a few different perspectives.

And contrary to popular belief, he revealed he doesn’t think there are two sides to an argument between a couple.

“When you’re having a row you’re either both right or both wrong,” he said.

“There’s never one person right or one person wrong, you’re either both rowing for the right reason or the wrong reason!”

His co-star could be heard humming in agreement, as Chris admitted he and Natasha had quarrelled over the weekend.

“This weekend we had a family discord,” he said.

“There were a few different perspectives going on and in the end we discovered there was an impasse and something had to be sorted.

“Due to this dislodge – and it was turbulent, definitely turbulent,” he added.

“It’s been sorted and we’re better for it but I wish we didn’t have to go through what we did have to go through.”

He noted that the “means didn’t justify the ends”, but at least it’s all done with now.

It’s not unusual for Chris to discuss his family affairs on-air as he often tells listeners about his life at home.

More recently he delved into an intimate discussion about having more children.

He and Natasha share 11-year-old Noah, seven-year-old Eli and two-year-old twins Walt and Boo together, but it looks like they will be drawing the line at four.

With four children all under the age of 15, Chris believed their twins were the last two.

It comes after he gushed over how Natasha has “changed as a person” over the years bringing up the children, and admitted he thinks they’re both on the same page when it comes to having more kids.

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“From my perspective, I see her changing as a person in a brilliant, brilliant way,” he said.

“Developing and evolving more.”

Recently, Chris had a hilarious exchange with his middle son Eli, who noted that when he and his brothers and sister are around 18-years-old, their dad will have turned 71.

The harsh wake-up call left the host stunned as he recalled their conversation.

“Tash and I were talking about this yesterday and about the fact we have twins,” he said at the time.

“So when the twins are 18, I will be 71. I said this out loud over the dinner table last night and Eli said, ‘But dad you’ve had your life. It’s our turn now.'”

Shocked at the daunting prospect, Chris continued: “[I said] ‘Excuse me?’ before admitting, ‘He sort of has a point.”

But he acknowledged he was very grateful to be the position to still have had children at his age.

The Chris Evans Breakfast Show airs weekdays at 6:30am on Virgin Radio.

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