Not even a high-ankle sprain could kill this adorable moment for Christian McCaffrey

Here’s video of the injured NFL superstar getting some much-needed TLC from Olivia Culpo‘s dog … and it’s probably the cutest thing you’ll see all day!!

Culpo and her pup, Oliver Sprinkles, have been away from the running back for a few days … as the 24-year-old has been rehabbing an injured ankle.

But, Culpo and her man finally reunited Monday … and the reaction OC’s dog had in seeing McCaffrey again will melt your heart!!

Check out the video … Culpo came through the door with doggo in hand, and as they got to McCaffrey in the living room — it was a full-on face-lick sesh!!

It should be noted … McCaffrey had some sort of wrap on his ankle and didn’t seem to put too much pressure on it to get to the dog — so, breathe easy, Carolina fans.

As for Culpo … she seemed to love every minute of the McCaffrey-Oliver reunion — writing, “Someone’s excited to see their dad!!!!”


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