Christine McGuinness has said her twins are “happy and safe” as they return to school amid the coronavirus pandemic.

The 32 year old, who shares three adorable children with husband and TV favourite Paddy McGuinness, decided to send her six year old twins back to school as they resumed with Reception and years one and six recently.

The blonde bombshell shared a snap on Instagram saying: “Back to school It’s safe to say we have had a mixture of emotions the last couple of days, mainly from me but mostly good!”

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The mum-of-three continued: "It’s a personal choice sending your children back to school and not an easy one to make.”

However, Christine, who recently celebrated her 9th wedding anniversary with husband Paddy, admitted they’re taking things “one day at a time” with the kids’ return to school.

She added: “Trying just a couple of hours, seeing if the twins are happier and more settled with some routine back and if they can do school life safely then that’s we will do!

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“Ultimately I just want them to be happy and safe, which I feel they are We haven’t heard anything from nursery for our youngest yet, I have no idea if/when they will open.And honestly she is struggling so much, I can’t wait to get her back in for her well being although I’m preparing for a difficult time settling her again.”

The pair sending their twins back to school comes after the mum-of-three opened up on how she, and her family, were coping amid the coronavirus pandemic.

“This is huge, this is massive, it's probably the biggest change any of us are going to experience. It's affecting all three of my children and therefore us as a family," she explained.

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Referring to her little ones, Christine added: “It's heartbreaking to see what it's doing to them but as a parent, as a mum, as a carer all I can do is be there for them, love them, help them, support them as any mum would.”

The star, whose three children have been diagnosed with autism, also recently confessed that she used to “blame herself” for her children being autistic.

Speaking about her children on MTV podcast Nappy Days, Christine said: “They didn't speak. They were non-verbal, they'd walk on their tiptoes, they were sensitive to sound and light.

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"So if there was a sudden noise, they would jump out their skin. But I thought they were just softies.

"I would think maybe it's because they are twins, two of them, or that I would not be giving them enough attention. So I blamed myself."

The star isn’t the only celeb mum to have sent her children back to school, with Holly Willoughby having recently shared a photo whilst taking her son Chester to his first ever day at school, and Peter Andre, too, has sent Amelia, six, and Theo, three, back to school.

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