Adele Haenel, who accuses the French director for assaulting and harassing her from the age of 12 to 15, is quick to gain support from fellow actress Marion Cotillard for coming forward.

AceShowbiz -French director Christophe Ruggia has been taken into custody over historic allegations he sexually assaulted a child actress cast in one of his films.

Two-time Cesar Award-winner Adele Haenel, who is now 31, alleged Ruggia assaulted and harassed her from the age of 12, when she was cast in his film “Les Diables”, until the age of 15.

Paris prosecutors tell Reuters that Ruggia was detained in connection with the allegations on Tuesday, January 14. Jean-Pierre Versini-Campinchi, the filmmaker’s lawyer, said his client denied any misconduct.

According to Haenel’s allegations, which were published in French media outlet Mediapart in November last year (2019), she was first harassed and then molested while working on “Les Diables”, or “The Devils”, in which she played Chloe, an autistic youngster living with her brother in a children’s home.

The Paris prosecutor’s office opened a preliminary probe into “sexual assault of a minor under 15 by a person of authority, and sexual harassment” after her allegations were first made public.

Fellow French actress Marion Cotillard has backed Haenel, writing on Instagram: “Adele. Your courage is a gift of unparalleled generosity for women and men, for young actresses and actors, for all the damaged people who know now thanks to you that they do not have to undergo this violence. And for those who have suffered it, that they can speak, they will be listened to and heard.”

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