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Strictly Come Dancing 2020 host Claudia Winkleman, 48, has three children; Jake, 17, Matilda, 14, and nine-year-old Arthur, with her husband Kris Thykier, 48, who she married in 2000. Despite having a successful career in the limelight which includes fronting the BBC’s biggest dance show, Claudia has admitted she doesn’t want her children to have a career in front of the cameras.

They don’t really know what I do for a living

Claudia Winkleman

When asked if her children wanted to follow in her footsteps, she laughed: ”I hope not and I would not accept it.

“No, I don’t think they do, they don’t really know what I do for a living.”

Claudia went on to say she is “quite strict” when it comes to parenting as she discussed the rules in her home.

The Strictly host explained: “It’s a minefield, because I want them to be supported, but I’m also quite strict.

“So there is bedtime, there are no phones at the dinner table, and there is, ‘No, you can’t take that massive bag of Haribo to your room’.

“I don’t mind being a baddie,” she added to The Mirror.

Claudia has also previously said she doesn’t have mirrors in her house as her mum Eve Pollard banned them from her childhood home.

“I don’t have any mirrors in my house because I don’t believe in what we look like. And I’ve got really bad eyesight,” she added.

“In my head, I look a bit like a supermodel and I’m surprised more people don’t crash when they see me. I’m like, ‘Dudes, I look amazing’.

“I’ve got no concept of how I look or how I am.”

Away from Strictly, Claudia released her debut book titled Quite this month.

Speaking at the launch of her new novel, the mother-of-three couldn’t resist spilling a little too much about her marriage.

In a rare admission, the presenter said she feels pressured to have sex with her spouse Kris every two days.

According to The Sun, she said: “I think we put way too much pressure on ourselves.

“I haven’t had sex with my husband for two days let’s do it on the stairs.

“I think social media is brilliant for some things but I think it does show you, ‘Oh my gosh she is just standing there looking amazing and her husband is licking her eyebrow.’

“It’s not that I’m anti licking an eyebrow, good luck if you can find mine.

“I just think we should give ourselves a break.”

Elsewhere, Claudia will return for the first live show of Strictly Come Dancing 2020 alongside Tess Daly this evening.

Strictly Come Dancing returns tonight at 7.25pm on BBC One.

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