Daisy Ridley is currently best known for her role in Star Wars as Rey. As the final movie, Star Wars: Episode IX: The Rise of Skywalker is currently in theaters, Ridley is looking to the future. Keep reading to find out what she wants from newer roles.

What are Daisy Ridley’s goals after ‘Star Wars’?

In an interview with Variety, Daisy Ridley discusses what she wants from her post-Star Wars life. One goal is simply “to be a working actor.” She is, as she says, “currently…unemployed” so she hasn’t met that goal yet. However, we are sure that she will.

According to IMDB, she is lending her voice acting talents to Peter Rabbit 2: The Runaway as Cotton-Tail. She is also going to be starring in Chaos Walking as Viola Eade. Roles in Kolma as Tamara Kolma and A Woman of No Importance as Virginia Hall have also been announced.

Another goal of Daisy Ridley’s after Star Wars is “to be in good things and work with great people.” Only time will tell if that goal is met but it seems like she might be off to a good start with her upcoming roles.

What are Daisy Ridley’s upcoming roles like?

Peter Rabbit 2: The Runaway is a sequel to the 2018 movie Peter Rabbit. In this story, Peter runs away from his home and his family comes to look for him. This is probably including Cotton-Tail, who is Peter Rabbit’s sister and is described as a “loose cannon” by Ridley.

Chaos Walking tells the story of two young people trying to survive in a dangerous world. In this world, a virus causes people to have visions of everyone’s every thought. Ridley’s character Viola might be the key to figuring out the secrets of this dangerous world.

Even the roles that are only announced sound like they might be interesting. Kolma tells the story of a husband and wife who get into a car accident where the husband dies. Years later, the wife gets the chance to decide if she wants to reunite with her lost love or become young again by returning to the day of the accident. While A Woman of No Importance tells the story of Ridley’s character Virginia Hall, an American who works for British intelligence during World War II.

According to IMDB pages for Kolma and A Woman of No Importance, JJ Abrams is signed on to produce both movies. Therefore, he and Daisy Ridley will work together again.

How does Daisy Ridley describe roles she would want (and not want) after ‘Star Wars’?

Daisy Ridley’s life after Star Wars is looking like it’ll be busy and quite interesting. In her interview with Variety, she describes the opportunities that are being presented to her. “I read amazing things,” she says. According to the actress, she gets sent these “amazing” scripts and books.

The roles she finds in these stories are “three-dimensional, super great, meaty, emotional roles.” So it seems that the actress likes roles that allow her to express a variety of emotions. As for roles she wouldn’t want, at first, she has to think but eventually, she lands on comedies. She says “I don’t think I’m a funny person.”

She could see herself, however, playing the role of the “straight person.” This would mean being the most serious person in a comedy.

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