A secret relationship enjoyed by rock god David Bowie is revealed today for the first time by two women who shared his Modern Love.

For 12 “wonderful” months, Angie Bowie allowed her man to have an affair with a femme fatale who ran a restaurant and escort agency.

She was Laurita Watson, an American who had come to London and met Bowie by chance.

Today, Angie and Laurita are both in their Golden Years and are spilling the beans on the unique arrangement.

The pair – aged 70 and 82 respectively – talk openly about the “spiritual triangle” which lit up their lives.

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CelebrityBig Brother star Angie has even written a book about their bond and hopes to turn it into a movie.

It also tells of Laurita’s relationship with guitar legend Jimi Hendrix and lifts the lid on celebrity “scandal”.


Angie says: “Our friendship was so bizarre and wonderful and succeeded where, to all intents and purposes, it should never have taken root and blossomed.

“I don’t know anyone else who could have an affair with my husband/business partner and never upset me or make me feel disrespected or neglected.

“I loved that her relationship with David made him feel good.”

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Laurita was born in New York’s tough Harlem district and grew up to become one of the city’s most successful madames.

She moved to London in 1972 to run a soul food restaurant in Chelsea. Then her life – and Angie’s – changed forever when Bowie popped in to sample her southern fried chicken.

Speaking about their affair for the first time, Laurita told the Sunday Mirror: “The three of us had a fabulous relationship, a beautiful friendship.

“It was very spiritual. Angie and I were friends from the very beginning – more so than David and me, of course. I believe in the power of numbers.

“Three is one of the most powerful numbers and there was the three of us.”

Bowie and Laurita embarked on a whirlwind year-long romance.

“I spent a lot of time with David,” Laurita adds. “He was in and out of town but we got together quite often.”

She would regularly stay at the apartment Bowie shared with Angie in London’s Maida Vale.

Angie, speaking from her home in Tucson, Arizona, takes up the story. She says: “Laurita was sleeping in this wonderful room with bay windows, the curtains half-drawn.

“David and I came from the other end of the house, knocked on the door and said, ‘Hi’. The way the light was filtering into the room was so beautiful. It was golden, like an aura was spreading over us.

“That summed up how we felt about each other. There was no animosity. It was beautiful. Laurita has a very giving spirit with the ability to engage, converse and make people feel welcome. She did that to me and always treated me with great respect.”

Laurita, meanwhile, says she has a unique insight on Bowie as a lover.

But when asked to talk in more detail, she clams up, adding: “I think I will save that for the book.”

Laurita’s relationship with David eventually turned sour. Angie says, bizarrely: “An infraction of the Bowie protocol caused some kind of issue of which I was never aware of until we prepared this project.”

Laurita went on to become a mother of seven, while her restaurant became a celebrity hangout visited by the likes of Mick Jagger – who David also reportedly had a fling with.

Of her time as a madame in New York, Laurita says: “It began when my brother robbed my neighbour’s book of contacts, because he was a male madam, and gave it to me.

“It all began from a little black book. I don’t know if it was fun, there was a lot of bulls***. You had to keep everything together and know who you were dealing with.

"The money was great, the girls were great and most of the Johns [customers] were OK. Most work was done over the phone and many of the Johns always thought that I was blonde, blue eyed, tall and gorgeous. I was a white woman as far as the Johns were concerned.

“It was sacred between the girls and I to not tell them I am a gorgeous black woman.

“‘Just say that she is a gorgeous blonde’.”

Laurita quit as a madame to start a family and a “fabulous” new life in London – though she would later return to New York. In 1971 Angie and Bowie became parents to son Zowie. They split up in 1980 and Bowie went on to wed model Iman. They had daughter Lexi, 19.

The singer died from cancer in 2016 aged 69 and the news was broken to Angie while she was on Celebrity BB.

She is now a successful author and has written a string of hit books including POP.SEX, Fancy Footwork (poems and lyrics of Angie over 50 years) and Cat’Astrophe – the story of the cats that have invaded Angie and
her partner Michael’s lives while living in Tucson.

Backstage Passes, which is currently in its fourth edition as audio, eBook and in book form with Whamco Publishing, documents her life with Bowie. And through Whamco, Angie’s company, she has also been cataloguing artist Rick Hunt’s paintings in book Gaucho Visions Part 1 & 2.

Rick’s Carnivale Parade murals – which feature Angie – took a year to paint. He explains: “Angie and her partner Michael took it upon themselves to edit, format and promote both editions. I am quite pleased, to say the least. The local folks love Angie and are always excited to see her.”

Angie is passionate about Rick’s work as well as Laurita’s life – and she hopes the book she is writing will be turned into a film.

She says of Bowie’s former lover: “I have been speaking to a few people and I think her story is utterly compelling.

“There are lots of overlaps with my life and David’s life and I’m hoping it will make it on the big screen.”

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