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Dick Strawbridge and wife Angel Adoree have become household names thanks to their Channel 4 series Escape to the Chateau. The series follows the couple as they renovate their 19th-century French chateau – but what is known of Dick’s first marriage?

Why did Dick and his first wife split?

Dick and his first wife Brigit Strawbridge were married between 1982 and 2010.

Brigit is an environmental activist and is known for her love of nature.

During their 28 year marriage, Dick and Brigit welcomed son James and daughter Charlotte.

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James is a chef and has previously featured on Escape to the Chateau cooking.

He also appeared alongside his father in The Hungry Sailors which aired between 2012 and 2013.

Their youngest Charlotte, who is 34-years-old, tends to keep out of the spotlight.

Dick has not spoken publically about why he and Brigit went their separate ways although, since their split, Dick and Brigit have both since remarried.

Brigit is said to have remarried in 2017 to her partner Rob.

Dick married his second wife Angel Adoree in 2015 in a ceremony held at their chateau.

He has also gone on to have two more children including son Arthur and daughter Dorothy.

Dick has since spoken of how he and Angel first crossed paths.

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He said: “I was over 50 when I met Angel, and I didn’t ask her age because that was a scary thing to do.

“Our agent had introduced us because we had a similar work ethic.”

Dick later spoke of how he later worried when it came to having children together.

He added: “So Angel and I had our fun, then I told her it was time for her find a young man, have children, because I felt I shouldn’t keep her from that.

“And what she said, bloody woman, was that she actually wanted me.”

Escape to the Chateau will air tonight on Channel 4 at 8pm.

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