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Sir Elton John revealed that “horrible things” said to him by football fans about his clothes and music kept him down to earth during his rise to superstardom. The Candle In The Wind singer has supported Watford FC his entire life, and was the owner and chairman of the club in the 1970s and 1980s.

It gave me so much

Elton John

While he owned the club and Graham Taylor managed it, it moved up from the Fourth Division to the first.

They finished just behind champions Liverpool during the 1982 -1983 season.

Speaking in conversation with former Arsenal manager Arsene Wenger at the Hay Festival Digital Winter Weekend, Elton said: “It’s part of my life that gave me so much. 

“When I was a big star and a big musician it grounded me, because people who go to football, they’ll tell you the truth.

“The fans will say, ‘I don’t like your new record, I wish you wouldn’t look like that’.”

Elton is renowned for wearing eccentric outfits and admits that he is grateful that fans would playfully tease him about it.

He added: “They didn’t mean [anything]. It was just something that levelled me out.”

“The passion of the crowds and the horrible things they said about me were part and parcel and it was wonderful.”

Elton, who is originally from Pinner close to Watford, said he is “extremely proud” of how far his local club has come.

He continued: “Arsene said about leading Arsenal out into the cup final when we got to the cup final and played Everton I cried, because when I took over Watford we had two little grandstands and a greyhound track.

“If you go the club now it’s a Premier League club with a 24,000 capacity and the current owners have made it very wonderful behind the scenes and I’m very proud.

“Since that day we’ve never gone beyond the championship and I’m extremely proud.”

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Elton admitted that being involved with the club has been the happiest he has ever felt.

“We went places because we were professional about it and one of the most joyous things I’ve ever done in my life.”

The team has been a constant source of happiness for the star, as it guided him through a dark period in his life.

In his autobiography, Me, Sir Elton wrote: “I was chairman throughout the worst period of my life, years of addiction and unhappiness, failed relationships, bad business deals, court cases, unending turmoil.

“Through all of that, Watford were a constant source of happiness to me.

“For obvious reasons, there are chunks of the eighties I have no recollection of but every Watford game I saw is permanently etched on my memory.”

The legendary musician later married David Furnish in 2014.

The couple have two sons together: Elijah, six and Zachary, eight.

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