Emmy Rossum recounted her pet pooches murdering a rat last night on Friday, April 24th. The 33-year-old actress has Cinnamon, a teacup Yorkshire Terrier and Pepper, a Terrier-Havanese mix.

“The dogs murdered a rat last night on their final walk of the night,” Emmy described. “It was vicious and intense and I did everything to stop it but couldn’t. They both had the rat in their mouths at different times, I picked them up and was screaming ‘drop it’ and the other dog would grab it, and shake it. The poor rat, they broke its neck I think. My heart was beating out of my chest. It’s been a while since I’ve witnessed something so primal. How life can turn on a dime.”

But Cinnamon and Pepper are going to be a-okay! “Called the vet,” Emmy continued. “Dogs are up to date on shots so they should be okay. It was Shabbat so I said the Shabbat prayer over the rat — I couldn’t remember the mourners prayer in the moment. I washed the ground and put the rat into a Gucci shoebox.”

Lastly, Emmy pondered the rat’s fate: “As we got in bed, I said to [my producer/director husband Sam Esmail], ‘Poor Marvin and his family. Don’t you think Marvin’s family is upset he didn’t come home? He went out from their rat nest and never came home. Or Sally. Maybe it was Sally the rat.’ I think my husband thinks I’m a different kind of person.” That’s for sure one story for the quarantine books!

Emmy next stars as the title character in Angelyne, the brand new series for Peacock, NBC’s upcoming streaming service. Watch the first Angelyne teaser here!

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