Commemorating her personal achievement, the Florence + the Machine frontwoman shares with her social media followers a story behind the number 3 tattooed on her left ring finger.

AceShowbiz -Pop star Florence Welch has marked six years sober by sharing a message of encouragement for others embarking on similar journeys.

The Florence and the Machine singer, 33, recently took to Instagram to celebrate the personal achievement by sharing a photo of her left hand over a painting of a red heart.

Highlighting an inking on her left ring finger, she explained, “I got the (number) 3 tattooed when I was three years sober, on a finger broken during a drunken fight with a wall, (don’t worry the wall is fine).”

“I am six years sober today,” she continued, before offering up her support for fellow addicts: “I send love to anyone on day 1. I love you. I’m with you”.

Last year, Welch admitted her life was now drastically different from the wild days of her youth – and she couldn’t be happier.

“Partying was, I felt, a defining feature of my personality – good at singing, good at drinking and good at taking drugs,” she told Vogue. “But the new-found thrill of leaving somewhere with all my belongings, having not been felt up by someone inappropriate in a car park, has still not left me.”

She added, “It feels miraculous to spend my Mondays working or reading rather than binge-watching Bake Off unable to move, intermittently weeping into a pillow, hoping the bunting will block out the regret.”

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