We have a theory that Hannah Brown has grown weary of fame, and has decided to sabotage her own career.

How else to explain her recent string of horrendously bad decisions?

It all started when Hannah rapped the N-word while singing along with DaBaby’s “Rockstar”

That led to more disastrous developments, including the terrible decision to turn down an interview with Rachel Lindsay when the former Bachelorette reached out to Hannah with an interview request.

Now, Hannah is branching out and engaging in cringe-inducing behavior that has nothing to do with casual bigotry.

Yes, for reasons that are every bit as baffling and obscure as the motives behind some people’s refusal to wear a damn mask in public, Hannah hung out with Jed Wyatt over the weekend.

You may remember Jed as the guy who proposed to Hannah in the finale of her season of The Bachelorette despite the fact that he had a secret girlfriend waiting at home the entire time he was filming.

For obvious reasons, Hannah and Jed broke up shortly thereafter.

But this week, Bachelor Nation was abuzz with reports of Hannah and Jed once again breathing the same air.

This, of course, led to reports of the former couple getting back together — but we think it’s safe to say that’s not the case.

Hannah and Jed were both spotted at Dylan Barbour and Hannah Godwin’s engagement party in Beverly Hills.

You may remember Hannah G. and Dylan from their tumultuous, yet painfully boring courtship on Bachelor In Paradise.

Like Caelynn and Dean, Hannah G. and Dylan are proof that the Bachelor franchise does still produce happy endings — but only on the show where everyone is allowed to bone whomever they want.

Anyway, Hannah B. and Jed were both on hand for the celebration.

But then again, so was just about every other current Bachelor Nation star.

And as evidenced by the photo above, Jed was there with his new girlfriend.

“Margaritas and dancing are becoming a monthly habit and we’re okay with it,” Jed captioned the pic.

We’re not even sure what that means.

Dude, you’re in your twenties, it’s summer, and you’re in a new relationship — you should be drinking margaritas and dancing more than once a month.

Anyway, all the talk about Jed and Hannah getting back together appears to be bogus.

In a way that’s surprising.

Considering what a dumpster fire 2020 has been thus far, that’s about the kind of horrible news we’ve come to expect.

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