Spain: James Blunt warns coronavirus numbers are ‘really bad’

Singer songwriter James Blunt, 46, admitted his family home in Ibiza had been broken into, with thieves grabbing everything from his iconic t-shirt collection, to gold cufflinks and a family heirloom, which he revealed was “irreplaceable”. His grandfather’s pocket watch was among other personal belongings of very sentimental value stolen from the hillside villa on Thursday last week, and Blunt has launched an appeal hoping his items will be returned to him.

I would gladly pay a reward for their return

James Blunt

Fortunately, he and wife the Duke of Wellington’s niece Sofia, were not present at the £1.7 million Spanish property when the robbery took place, having spent several months on the island during lockdown last year.

The You’re Beautiful singer acknowledged that with everything going on in the world at the moment with coronavirus, it’s a desperate time for a lot of people.

But he told Mail Online that it’s really important that the heirlooms and the sentiments from his time in the military are found.

“My only real sadness is that they took some cufflinks and an old pocket watch that belonged to my grandfather,” he told the publicaiton.

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“And a bayonet from my time as a soldier in the Kosovo war in 1999.”

The musician, who spent eight years in the Army, explained: “I would gladly pay a reward for their return.”

But the shock of the event didn’t knock his sense of humour, as he added: “The thieves took about 100 items, including a black and white cowhide rug that my wife didn’t like, so I suspect she could be involved.

“They also took all my T-shirts and shirts.

“They can’t have a very good sense of aesthetics.”

The Mail claim that police reports suggest there were “three intruders” but officials are still looking for information as they continue with their investigation. have reach out to the singer’s reps for comment.

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Back in December, the singer recently appeared on Good Morning Britain from the Spanish property that he bought in 2006, telling hosts Piers Morgan and Susanna Reid that the number of Covid cases over there were “really bad” as Europe is “struggling”.

“It’s much easer in smaller places, in Ibiza the numbers are lower but all the clubs have been closed,” he replied when asked about Spain’s strict rules.

“The one club that has been open is Blunty’s club at the end of my garden, which both of us here have been thoroughly enjoying!”

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