Vinny Guadagnino is fresh off a stint with Chippendales.Ripped, tanned and looking healthy, no one would ever guess that Guadagninoonce struggled with his weight. Back in 2009, when Guadagnino entered the shorehouse, MTV used for JerseyShore he was pretty generic looking. His looks, however, were in starkcontrast to the looks of his housemates. His housemates were overly-tanned,overly-gelled, and overly-gymed, and that was just the guys.Paul ‘Pauly D’ Delvecchio, Ronnie Ortiz-Magro and Mike ‘The Situation’Sorrentino were all especially ripped and tanned. Guadagnino was soft in comparisonback then, but today he’s just as cut as his co-stars, and he’s actuallylooking younger than he did when he joined the cast 10 years ago. So, how didhe do it? A ketogenic diet.

The keto diet changed everything

Guadagnino admits that his mother’s home cooking was hard topass up. From an authentic Italian family, Guadagnino was used to pasta, bread,and heavy doses of homecooked meals.  Itwasn’t doing much for his waistline, though. Guadagnino made the decision to stripout grains, sugar, and processed foods in 2016, and the transformation has beenpretty unbelievable.

According to TheHollywood Life, Guadagnino managed to shed more than 50lbs and debuteda rockhard physique. He alleges that he worked out rarely before giving theketo diet a try, claiming he just didn’t have the energy. After going keto,he allegedly found new strength and began to enjoy the gym. It’s safe to saythat the diet alone didn’t get Guadagnino into the shape he is now, but it’s a significantfactor.

What is the keto diet?

The keto diet requires adherents to give up all sugar, all grains,and all processed foods. Instead of using carbohydrates for fuel, the dietencourages followers to add healthy fats and more protein in their diet. Bacon,cheese, and fresh meats are in abundant supply for dieters. The addition ofvegetables is highly encouraged, too, but most fruits are off-limits.

In short, dieters are forcing their bodies into a process calledketosis. According to Medical News Today,ketosis is a normal metabolic function that encourages the body to burn fat insteadof its primary fuel source, glucose. The keto diet, by limiting carbs, starvesthe body of glucose,forcing it to burn fat instead. There is another benefit to the keto diet,claim adherents. The diet, because of its heavy protein content, keeps thedieter feeling fuller for longer, and it, allegedly, cuts down on cravings andsnacking.

What does Vinny Guadagnino eat?

Guadagnino is currently trying to maintain his physique now,so he’s not entirely keto all the time. That said, even when he goes off thediet, he keeps his carb count low. In a recent Women’s Health video,Guadagnino invited fans into his home and into his fridge. His pantry staplesaren’t what most people would expect, though. Keto has a bit of a reputation forfocusing entirely on cheese and bacon.Guadagnino insists that’s not how he does it.

Instead, he keeps his fridge stocked with grass-fed butter,olives, coconut milk, organic vegetables, eggs, and grass-fed meats. He alsokeeps things natural. He notes that his food choices are always organic andfree-range whenever possible. While the keto diet focuses on removing sugarfrom the menu, Guadagnino even manages to satiate his sweet tooth with dark chocolate.He aims for 90% cacao offerings when possible. Berrys are also on the list, butonly in small servings.

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