JK Rowling has revealed the real ‘birthplace’ of her most beloved character Harry Potter and we now weep for the crowds about to gather outside the address.

We’re not talking the place where the fictional character was born in the books, but the place where the iconic author penned the first words of the successful original book in her Potter franchise.

It was more than 20 years ago Rowling brought us the tale of the Boy Who Lived with fans long believing his birthplace was in The Elephant House Café in Edinburgh, where the 54-year-old did spend a spell penning the fantasy novel.

Now the author has shared with us a real insight into where Potter was conceived, as she shared an image of a south London street this week.

Revealing Harry was first thought up in a flat above a Clapham shop, Rowling has well and truly sent the fandom into a spin.

Sharing a post on Twitter on Thursday, Rowling wrote alongside a street snap: ‘This is the true birthplace of Harry Potter, if you define ‘birthplace’ as the spot where I put pen to paper for the first time.*

Rowling then dove into a true or false about all the myths and stories about what her books were inspired by.

When it came to Hogwarts itself, she said: ‘I sometimes hear Hogwarts was based on one or other of Edinburgh’s schools, but that’s 100% false, too.

‘Hogwarts was created long before I clapped eyes on any of them! I did finish Hallows in the Balmoral, though, & I can’t lie, I’d rate it a smidge higher than the Bournville.’

Sharing the tree she thinks she wrote the bit about Harry getting his first wand, Rowling then posted an image of a rather lush-looking grower that is just the perfect spot for penning a best-seller, non?

Adding something for fans who may have wanted a little more magic, after also discovering she didn’t take inspiration from a certain bookshop in Portugal, she shared a photo of The Majestic Cafe on Rua Santa Catarina, adding it was where she also put pen to paper.

Rowling wrote: ‘If it cheers up the people who’re disappointed about the bookshop in Oporto, I wrote in here sometimes. This was probably the most beautiful café I ever wrote in, actually…’

So, who’s up for a socially-distanced trip to the shop in Clapham, eh?

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