Dance Moms alum, entertainer, and ideal casting choice for the Joker JoJo Siwa is once again taking to TikTok to show fans her real life.

This peak behind the curtain is revealing her new boyfriend — one whom some fans may recognize.

For better or for worse, 2020 seems to be TikTok’s year in the spotlight as more and more people use the video platform during this pandemic.

No one knows that better than JoJo Siwa, a Gen Z icon who has enjoyed a resurgence of popularity after showing a more authentic look earlier this year.

And while many stars with child-oriented jobs like hers have to keep their love lives private, JoJo is now sharing part of her life.

It started with a seeminly innocuous game — an extremely juvenile, aggressively PG game of Never Have I Ever.

Instead of normal questions about threesomes or watersports, this version asked about tooth-brushing, mucus maintenance, and relationship status.

Noticeably, when JoJo played the game in a video, she did not put her finger down to indicate being single … meaning that she is currently dating.

JoJo took things even further in a new video.

At first, fans weren’t sure why her TikTok — included in this article — showed her dressed in this manner.

Particularly while music (“Famous (I’m The One)” by Mozzi & IAMSU) whose lyrics do not vibe with her core audience of overly sheltered children played.

It quickly became clear when JoJo moved out of the way and revealed a young man dressed in JoJo’s famous clown regalia.

It appeared that the two of them had switched clothes for the video.

“Meet Mark :)” JoJo captioned the TikTok, tagging Mark Bontempo.

On Mark’s TikTok, he shared the video of JoJo hinting that she is single.

He then showed off that he was hanging with JoJo at the time.

JoJo was styled according to her usual brand, but flashed a very genuine and cute smile as Mark plopped down onto the bed beside her.

Who is Mark Bontempo? For one thing, he is the younger brother to social media star Madison Bontempo.

To put that in context, he is the uncle to Tatum and Oakley Fisher, who at 4 years old have over 3 million Instagram followers.

He is part of a budding social media dynasty and therefore no stranger to fame despite his youth and (relative) obscurity.

JoJo gave the world a glimpse at who she is behind the clown mask earlier this year, through a familiar, mirror-wiping TikTok challenge.

She looked so beautiful and natural that social media (particularly gay and bi teenage girls) was falling all over itself to sing her praises.

But, of course, JoJo still has her career to consider and is likely under contractual obligation to maintain her more infamous brand image.

Earlier this month, JoJo chatted about her “dream boyfriend” on her mom’s podcast.

“I already have it,” she gushed before adding, “but next would be Derek Shepard or Zac Efron,” both men being considerably older than JoJo. Those are both “safe” celebrity crushes to name.

Congratulations to JoJo and Mark on their budding relationship and on going public!

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