Today in drama I simply wasn’t prepared for, JoJo Siwa appears to be feuding with fellow former Dance Moms star Christi Lukasiak…on TikTok. Here’s the somewhat exhausting deal: last week, Christi answered a fan question about whether she’s still in touch with Dance Moms coach and choreographer Gianna Martello, and she responded “No, Gianna’s not nice.”

This prompted JoJo to hop on TikTok and call Christi’s statement the “most disgusting and ignorant thing” she’s ever heard, saying “First of all, Gia is one of the sweetest people in the whole world. And second of all, she works so hard every single week for so many people, including [Christi’s daughter] Chloe. She had one of the most stressful jobs on the show. She was in charge of choreographing every single number. Now, yes, of course everyone has their moments and everyone isn’t nice 24/7, including you Christi.”


JoJo added, “The thing is, is you don’t need to say that somebody is not a nice person. I’m sure you’re a very nice person, even though the experience that I’ve had with you, you were not nice to me. You actually made a very rude comment to me, but it may have just been a moment.”

Obviously, Christi wasn’t not going to respond and hopped on her own TikTok to muse:

“So I actually have no idea what JoJo’s experience on the show was because I never filmed a season with her. So I have to take her word for it. If she had an amazing, positive experience, then I’m really happy that that’s how it went. And I honestly just wish mine had been a little similar.”

Welp, this has been a Dance Moms drama update.

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