Kansas has announced plans to release a new studio album on June 26. It will be the rock band’s first album since The Prelude Implicit, which dropped in 2016.

The release of the nine-song album, titled The Absence of Presence, will coincide with Kansas’ Juke Box Heroes summer tour.

While the first single from the album will come out in April, the tour featuring Foreigner and Europe will kick off on July 9.

Kansas drummer Phil Ehart spoke in detail about the title of the album to Billboard.

“When we’re at an airport, there’s a lot of people there but everybody is staring at their phone or looking at their computer or their iPad or reading a paper or whatever,” Ehart said.

“Someone’s sitting across from you looking up, and you can tell they’re not engaged at all,” he added. “People are there, but they’re not really there. They’re present, but there’s an absence of presence.”

(Photo: Emily Butler)

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